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The center aims at promoting education and research on the astronomy by means of radio telescopes. Utilizing the facility of an astronomical observatory, the center contributes to the development of fundamental education of natural science. The two 32m radio telescopes (Ibaraki telescopes) are located on the site. The distance between the two telescopes is 260 meters. We develop the collaborating system of two telescopes, which is capable of detecting extremely weak signal from distant variable objects. We operate the two radio telescopes to observe astrophysical processes such as the star formation, mass accretion onto black holes and ejection of high-energy matter from active galactic nuclei. The Ibaraki telescopes also explore the galactic dynamics and structure, physical processes in star formation and evolution, and evolution of universe in collaboration with universities and research institutes in Japan as well as in east-Asia, VLBI networks.

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Address: Center for Astronomy
Ibaraki University
627-1, Ishitaki Kamidai, Takahagi, Ibaraki, 318-0022, Japan
Fax, Phone: International Fax: +81-293-24-9517, Phone: +81-293-24-9516
National Fax: 0293-24-9517, Phone: 0293-24-9516
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